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Sewer & Drain Services

The Drain King is the Plumber to call on for all of your sewer services. It's the type of thing you will need, yet no one every really talks about it – until a problem arises. Prepare yourself with information so that you will know the warning signs if something is going wrong.

As soon as you know that you need plumbing work for your sewer, it is pertinent that you make the call. The longer that you wait, the worse the problem will get. However, make sure that the work you accept is going to be up to par.

Drain cleaning

Drain Cleaning

Keeping your pipes flowing is easy to do, with proper, professional drain cleaning. Do not make the mistake of using store-bought liquid chemicals that only temporarily resolve the issue, and damage your plumbing in the process. Our experts can provide you with quality service to remove buildup and clogs.

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Sewer cleaning

Sewer Cleaning

Sewer and drain cleaning is among the most important service that you can schedule for your plumbing system. This helps reduce the likelihood of suffering clogs, as well as assists in eliminating bacteria.

Simply put, this is an essential way in which to act as a responsible homeowner and take good care of your plumbing. The last thing that you want is to suffer any problems that relate to your sewer so get proactive about the care that you need.

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High pressure water jetting

High Pressure Water Jetting

Our professional Stratford high pressure water jetting technicians, coupled along with our amazing customer service representatives strive to keep the homeowner informed through every step of the project. At Stratford our main focus is to ensure the project is completed just the way the homeowner expects it to be completed.

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Camera inspections

Camera Inspections

Most people are unaware that their sewer pipes and drains will deteriorate over time. Don’t be ‘that guy’ who waits util the sewage problems build up & back up – it could be dirty, messy and the odor alone could nauseate you. To think that all of this can be avoided by having a plumbing video inspection. This little game of surveillance helps us to maintain safe, consistent and continued sewer pipelining operations.

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Pipe locating

Pipe Locating

Before you make plans that require digging, adding on to your home or doing plumbing renovations, you need a map of your pipes. We offer the best in comprehensive pipe locating. Then, you can safely proceed with whatever plans you have in mind, without worrying about damaging your plumbing in the process.

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Sewer repairs

Sewer Repairs

If you know or even suspect that you may be in need of sewer repairs, the time to act is now. The longer that you procrastinate, the worse things will get. Ask around and locals will tell you that the name to trust in is The Drain King.

We realize that you don't know what to do when it comes to this type of repair work, and that is why it is our job to handle it. Leave the plumbing work to us, but have peace of mind that the quality of work will be the best there is.

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Backwater valves

Backwater Valves

In order to avoid contamination of your clean water used for consumption, it means avoiding back flow. Backwater valves ensure that your plumbing keeps things moving in the right direction. We install, maintain and repair these valves.

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Sewage pumps

Sewage Pumps

As the name implies, a sewage pump is responsible for moving waste materials away from your home. This pump is installed at the lowest point of the sewage basin. With a job as important as this, it is vital that you only work with a true industry expert.

Shoddy materials or workmanship could lead to a real mess, including putting people's health at risk. Whether you need one installed, or require service for what you already have, we can help you get the service you need. This includes answering any questions that you may have.

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