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Protect Your Home From Frozen Pipes

Frozen pipes The Drain King has seen our fair share of frozen pipes as well as the resulting aftermath when a pipe bursts. As far as plumbing repairs go, this can be one of the most messy and devastating, especially if it goes undetected while you're at work or away on vacation.

There are ways to prevent this from happening, or at least lower the likelihood of having it occur. As your local leading expert plumber, we can help you learn about that and take care of any problems that do arise.

Avoiding & Fixing Frozen Drains

How do you know if you have a frozen pipe? If you suspect you have one, it's a good idea to get a professional assessment from a plumber. However, some red flags include:

  • Are the conditions right? Freezing temperatures and a lack of insulated pipes set up the perfect scenario for frozen pipes. If you know freezing temperatures are moving in, take precautionary steps to try to avoid this from happening.
  • If you notice the development of frost on your pipes, this is a big red flag. Try turning on your water to see if it's still running. Do not try to blast hot water through because this type of extreme opposite could end up bursting the pipe instead of rectifying the situation.
  • As strange as it sounds, if you notice an odd or unpleasant odor coming from the drain or faucet, this could also be an indicator. It means a complete blockage is preventing the odor from having anywhere else to go except back into your home.

The problem is that it's not a good idea to try to thaw pipes in your own because it often leads to a busted pipe. It's much more cost-effective to pay us to take care of your frozen pipe that hire us to take care of your burst pipe, but we can do either one. Give us a call the moment you think you may have one or more frozen pipes in your Strafford home.

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