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Professional Bathroom Plumbing and Maintenance

Bathroom plumbing Finding a professional plumber to work with is an essential part of being a homeowner. There’s almost always going to be a reason you need someone to work on your bathroom plumbing. From installation and repairs or from maintenance to replacement, the skilled experts at The Drain King can provide you with superior service and the best possible results.

Bathroom plumbing is an integral part of keeping your household and your daily routine running like clockwork. Something as seemingly simple as a clogged drain can throw a monkey wrench into the process, causing problems for the entire family.

Common Bathroom Plumbing Repairs

In addition to general plumbing for the bathroom, like installation for fixtures, we also handle a fair share of repairs. Some of the most common bathroom plumbing repairs we come across are things like:

  • Slow or Clogged Drains
  • Leaky Pipes
  • Running Toilet
  • Dripping Faucet
  • Low Water Pressure

It’s important to have a reliable resource to count on when you find you’re in need of any type of plumbing repair. In the middle of an emergency isn’t the time to try to research and locate the best local plumbing company.

What usually happens is you end up hiring the first company name you come across that answers the phone, and hope their work is at least adequate. What you often end up with is shoddy workmanship and usually someone professional has to come back and do the job the right way.

Save money, hassle, and time by finding a reputable expert to work with. Let us show you, firsthand, how we’ve earned the impeccable reputation we have.

Choosing the Right Plumber for Your Home

Getting quality bathroom plumbing service starts by finding the right company to work with. How exactly can you go about doing that?

  • Ask family and friends for referrals. There’s no better way to get high-quality results than to ask people you know and trust about the contractors they’ve used.
  • Make it a point to only work with true industry pros who are licensed and insured. Not all states require this but it’s still a good practice to follow.
  • Know the difference between getting a cheap quote and getting good value. Too many homeowners make the mistake of thinking that a low estimate is the goal, but you get what you pay for. Seek out good value which is high-quality workmanship and results for a fair and reasonable price.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for and follow up with referrals. If you were hiring someone to work at your office you’d check referrals, so do the same for anyone you’re considering letting work inside your home.

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