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Emergency Plumbing Services

Knowing you have a reliable Plumber to call on when you find yourself in need of plumbing service is important. Knowing that same industry expert will also be there for emergency services is even better. Don't settle for less than the very best for this type of work, which means making it a point to trust The Drain King to take care of it for you.

Emergency plumbing

Emergency Plumbing

A clogged toilet or a leaking pipe are examples of the type of calls we get for emergency plumbing. The problem is that too many people commonly settle for inferior work out of desperation, which can do more harm than good. The work invested into your emergency service needs will determine how well the work will hold up, and we believe in offering long term solutions, not just a quick but temporary fix.

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Emergency drain cleaning

Emergency Drain Cleaning

Your drain is a vital element of your plumbing system, and it is common for this component to get clogged. Calling in the pros for quality drain cleaning means that you will be able to quickly resolve the problem at hand, and avoid potential related problems, like flooding.

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Emergency sewer cleaning

Emergency Sewer Cleaning

Having sewer problems is no laughing matter, and it is most certainly something that you should address, immediately. If you know, or even suspect, you may require this service, contact us now to rectify the issue before it can progress into something much worse.

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Burst pipes

Burst Pipes

Burst pipes are a common problem in the winter, as result of the expansion and contraction that occurs as a result of freezing. Obviously, this can lead to a seriously messy situation, such as interior flooding. Shut off the water supply and call on our experts to handle the job for you.

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Flooded basements

Flooded Basements

There are a number of plumbing issues that can lead to a flooded basement, it's dealing with it in a prompt and professional manner that makes all of the difference. In the blink of an eye, water can damage your walls, flooring, furniture and lead to mold.

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