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Professional Sewer Cleaning

sewer cleaningThe Drain King is here to take care of all your plumbing repairs and related services, including sewer cleaning. Our job is to act as your plumber, in the most efficient and effective ways.

Our goal, however, is to do so in a manner that ensures your total customer satisfaction, as well. We want to be able to partner with you and work together for this project and any future plumbing services you'll need during your tenure as a local homeowner.

Benefits of Sewer Cleaning

People often get drain and sewer repairs mixed up, or think they are one and the same. It's an easy mistake to make if you don't work in the plumbing industry.

The sewer is actually the part of your plumbing system that takes the water and waste from your drains and sends it away to be treated by the city system. So, you can only imagine how corroded with gunk your sewer can become.

  • It goes without saying, you want this system to be flowing smoothly and ready to take on the full extent of its job. But, like drains in your home, a buildup can cause a slow flow or clogs.
  • Regular cleanings reduce the buildup of bacteria. In fact, failure to schedule this service and you're likely to have a buildup of unsanitary microbes. That's not just gross, it can become a serious health concern. With proper sewer cleaning, the bacteria is eliminated and cracks are repaired in order to prevent future leaks of germs and organisms near your home.
  • This helps prolong the lifespan of your system, ensures peak performance, and reduces the need for repairs. It's a useful method of preventative care that can make a world of difference.

When it comes to your Stafford sewer cleaning, never settle for less than the best; give our pros a call.

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