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Why Your Plumber May Need To Perform A Camera Inspection

Perform A Camera InspectionNo one like surprises, yet sometimes it can’t be helped if there are underlying causes of a problem which need to be identified before they can be properly fixed. For instance, your plumber may advise you that they need to do a camera inspection on your sewer pipes before they can correctly diagnose the cause of your leaks or clogs.

Let our Stratford plumbers at The Drain King assure you that it is sometimes necessary to do camera inspections, either during a repair job or after we’ve removed a clog and you later experience problems again. Here are a few examples of why your plumber may need to perform a camera inspection.

Your Plumber Needs To Find Out Where Your Sewer Pipes Are Crushed Or Broken

Instead of excavating underneath the slab foundation or tearing up your landscaping to find a crushed or broken sewer pipe, which costs much more, a camera inspection can be done to save you money as well as prevent the destruction of your landscape or slab foundation.

A camera inspection reveals what’s going on inside of your sewer pipes so that the location of a crushed or broken pipe can be pinpointed. It’s important to locate the exact area so that any repairs made are not going to involve as much excavating.

Hopefully, your plumber has advanced tools and equipment which allows them to perform trenchless sewer repairs. This also saves your landscape and foundation from extensive damage and repair.

Clogs Have Been Cleared But Your Drains Are Still Running Slow

If you have a clog removed and later the drain starts running slow again, they may recommend a camera inspection. If you’ve done a DIY drain clog removal, it could just be that you didn’t have the right tools. Once a drain clog has been cleared professionally, you shouldn’t be having problems with the same drain unless something else is going on inside the sewer pipes.

An honest plumbing professional wouldn’t just recommend a video pipe inspection to begin with since nine times out of ten, it won’t be necessary.

Your Plumber Suspects Tree Roots Growing Into The Sewer Pipe

Certain tree species have huge networks of shallow root systems that travel long ways to hunt for sources of water. They can and do break through sewer pipes to get to the water inside.

Plumbers generally know the area you live in pretty well, and what problems usually present themselves with people’s plumbing systems. They also know all about the symptoms of a tree root problem.

If tree root infiltration is a problem in your area, they may suspect that tree roots are growing into the sewer pipes. If they are, the video inspection will uncover the problem so that you can get the appropriate plumbing repair solution.

Draining The Washing Machine Causes A Toilet Overflow

Anytime more than one drain in your house causes another drain to backup, your plumber needs to find out why the sewer line is having a problem. This most often means there is a clog going on much further down the line than a plumber’s snake could clear out.

Your Plumber Believes Your Sewer Lines May Be Suffering From Pipe Corrosion

Pipe corrosion is very common in some areas where hard water is a problem. The sediments in all fresh water sources can cause pipe corrosion inside old steel sewer lines. If corrosion is suspected, your plumber will likely recommend doing a camera inspection of more than one pipe in order to identify how extensive the problem is.

It’s important to go ahead with any plumbing repairs you may need before you’re having so much trouble with your drains that it turns into a nightmare situation for you and your family. In this case, you may need to have the steel portion of the sewer main lines replaced.

If you are looking for sewer camera inspection services, then please call 203-997-3305 or complete our online request form.